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it is monday, august 12 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." amazing pictures are coming in from florida after a massive sinkhole plus the rescue of hannah anderson. how horse riders and fbi agents saved the 16-year-old kidnapping victim a thousand miles from home. the attorney general wants dramatic changes in the prison system. see who he wants freed. and first on "cbs this morning," money magazine's new list of the best places to live. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds.
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>> very excited. ecstatic. couldn't ask for anyone more. >> a teenager is reunited. >> in the rugged woods of the idaho backcountry. >> the suspect james lee dimaggio was shot and killed by fbi agents. >> agents say a tip from a horseback rider led them to the area. >> he was like a square hole in a round peg. >> a sinkhole cracked the foundation. the vacationers had to be evacuated. >> 18 of the 20 u.s. consulates and embassies closed recently due to terrorist threats have reopened. >> they're strengthening every day because of the lack of american leadership and policy. >> in colorado efforts to find a woman will resume. >> when you see the damage it's really heartbreaking.
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>> in egypt, the latest move to kick supporters of ousted president morsi out of camp is apparently on hold. >> norway's prime minister went undercover as a cab driver in oslo. >> seconds after bolt crossed the line. reef- real-life lightning bolt. >> justin dufner is the winner. >> he was very special to me. he became a part of all of our hearts and that's where he'll stay forever. so thank you guys so much. thank you. >> on "cbs this morning." >> wrap this one deep. oh, the best catch i have ever seen at little fenway. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." and good morning norah. it's good to be back with you. >> good to have you back. we have a lot to cover this morning. >> we begin with this. we're learning more about the dramatic end of an international manhunt. 16-year-old hannah anderson is safe this morning and believed to be reunited with her father. >> the family is also grieving the killings of her mother and little brother. ben tracy with more on the search that began nearly a week ago. good morning. >> good morning. they're expected back in san diego today. the 16-year-old was found alive and unharmed in a remote area of idaho. she had been taken there by dimaggio, who had been considered a family friend. >> the campsite was first spotted by planes saturday. two hostage rescue teams were immediately deployed. >> it was a challenging landing because of the very steep terrain. they were able to get that team
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out and on the ground. that team then hiked about 2 two, two and a half hours to the camp surrounded the camp and at the first moment they were separated, the safe distance they were able to move in and make that rescue. >> dimaggio was shot and killed by an fbi agent after being given every opportunity to surrender. . >> what exactly was going on at the time of the rescue what happened in the minutes leading up to that that's all going on right now the by the team going in to investigate e any time an agent discharges his weapon. >> the saga began last sunday after christina and her son ethan were found inside the dimaggio's burning home. police throughout the west canada and mexico were put on alert. searches were tipped off in this remote area of idaho by horseback riders who discovered
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the pair on wednesday. they say they were lugged brand-new camping gear and she was wearing tennis shoes and pajama bottoms. >> he might have been an outdoorsman in california but not in id hoe. >> they recognized her in a television amber alert. >> i said that is the girl that was up on that mountain. >> authorities found the blue nissan hidden in the woods. the family is thrilled she is coming back home but they are also in mourning. >> we had to put the murder of ethan and tina on hold in the tobacco of our mind because we had to totally focus on hannah period. so now we can take our time to grieve my daughter and my grandson. >> hannah anderson's friends say that dimaggio once confessed to her he had a crush on her and that she felt uncomfortable being around him. she's now free of that ordeal
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but she's coming back here to san diego with the trauma of having lost her mother and her brother. charlie and norah? >> ben, thank you. and we have some amazing video of a giant sinkhole overnight that caused a three-story villa to collapse at a resort near walt disney world. reporters say they could hear cracking. that may be another sound of the section of a an area. of course authorities are worried about another section. this villa houses 24 units and as we said 20 people were evacuated. >> today attorney general eric holder calls for major changes in the criminal justice system that includes staling back harsh criminals for drug crimes. jan crawford is in the studio with us. good morning. >> good morning, norah and
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charlie. this was a significant story developing overnight. the attorney general is wanting to basically cut the time that some of these nonviolent low-level drug offenders are spending in jail. so today they're going to send a memo to u.s. attorneys general across the country telling them how to change the non-violent drug crimes. this is a way of getting around federal laws that would otherwise impose pretty tough mandatory sentences. eric holder is going to announce it later today at the american bar association. he's going to make the case on moral and economic terms. too many americans go to too many prisons for far too long and for no good law enforcement reason. so very strong words in trying to make this case. >> and how significant do you think this will be given the your crowding and expense? >> norah, i think that's what's
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driving it. prison overcrowding is a major problem in the united states at the federal and state level. i think about it. these senses took place in the 1980s over a lot of concerns about drug crimes. today 25% of the world's prison population is in the u.s. half are in prison for drug offenses. $80 billion a year spent on corrections nationwide. they're making this change administration, without consulting congress. >> and how much of this is about eric holder's legacy as attorney general? >> i think that is how it's going to be perceived, norah, that he sees this as a major part of his legacy. and unlike some of the other changes he's proposed remember closing guantanamo bay, trying terror suspects in manhattan, this has bipartisan support. states like arkansas and texas have already imposed their own policies to lower prisoners.
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>> thank you. and president obama is taking a break from washington this week. he's spending time with his family on martha's vineyard, but va t the vacation comes as the economy nosedives. >> the president has done so less than his pred sez or george w. bush. 14 trips and 19 days. one kmon thread mr. obama's beginning to experience some second term blues. the president stepped onto the island paradise confronting some of the diceiest poll numbers of his presidency. it's only one poll but gallop constantly tracks presidential approval. mr. obama's is at 42% with 50% of the country disapproving. his approval rating was 41% last week, a low not seen since december of 201. when the president's approval rating dips this low, it's usually due to defections among democrats.
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surveillance have unsettled the president's place. republicans accuse him of ducking the issue for weeks. >> when the story initially broke, the president went undercover. he was trying to come up with ways to salvage the program by window dressing. >> i applaud the president for continuing the nsa program. what i'm very critical of him for, though, is basically he's been silent for the last two months. >> the cancellation of planned summit with russian president putin was an attempt to quote, reset relations with russia. >> he's an old kgb colonel that has no illusions about our relationship, does not care about a relationship with the united states, continues to oppress his people continues to
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oppress the media, and continues to act in an autocratic and unhelpful fashion. >> on domestic issues he faces budget fights in september, a fight against obama care in october and immigration reform faces an uncertain future. now, the president is unlikely to find much new momentum here but one potential point of relaxation, he's unlikely to bump into any republicans here on martha's vineyard. they're mostly on nantucket. norah and charlie, back to you. >> a terror alert is in effect still in the united states this morning but nearly all of the embassies and consulates are back over. the embassy in sanaa, yemen, remains closed. they're keeping the one in lahore pakistan shut down. >> thousands in cairo are staging sit-ins. they are demanding the
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reinstatement of ousted mohamed morsi. they say they're not going anywhere despite a 24-hour ultimatum. analysts are analyzing the president's reaction. i sat down with former secretary of state and cbs contributor condoleezza rice. >> a democrat who overthrows someone elected, do you call it a coup. >> whether you call it a coup or not, we cannot sank what the military did. we have to recognize where we are with egypt and move forward. >> or is it if you call it a coup, it means you have to restrict the aid and therefore that's something you believe it shouldn't happen? >> it's because i will wait to see whether the egyptian military lives up to its promise to return as quickly as possible to civilian leadership. if it does that then whatever we have labeled it will have
7:13 am
been a step in the right direction. but i will tell you, i'm very worry thad in fact that's not what the egyptian military has in mind. when i see them putting their own pictures on the wall, i'm worried they don't have in mind a return to civilian leadership. but, again, we can label it. yeah the military overthrew -- quote/unquote/overthrew the elected government. that's a bad thing. whatever you want to call it it's a bad thing. they have to move forward. this time if the brotherhood participates in politics maybe it won't subvert the democratic process by trying to hold themselves in power. what happened in egypt is not just what the military did but what morsi and the muslim brotherhood did. i hope what general dempsey and others are saying is professional mill tairs don't do this. get out of the presidential palace return this to civilian government, or you will not have
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a relationship with the united states of america. >> i spoke with the former secretary of state last week. she's having a very good new life. she's teaching at stamford enjoying golf and having a chance to thing about the world from a very different perspective. >> good to hear it. i know we're going to see more of that. >> she talks about iran's new president and what's going on in syria and john kerry's attempt at the peace process. one person is missing after a flash flood swept through colorado. a heavy rain triggered the floods in manitou springs. kelly werthmann of our denver affiliate tells how one thing led to another. >> this is the most terrifying thing i've ever seen. i can't stop shaking. >> reporter: amateur video caught this late friday gushing at speeds of up to 30 miles an
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hour. the flash flooding brought on by a torrential downpour turned roadways is into raging rapids in a manner of minutes. >> our car just floated away. others are floating away now. >> reporter: firefighters rescued this man from a swoling creek. throughout the town the deluge left dozens of homes damaged or destroyed and as many as 40 vehicles caked with mud. this weekend a team of volunteers turned up to help clean out. >> think is the heart and soul of what man tuitou is, working together. >> reporter: manitou springs has become more vulnerable to flooding after a massive wildfire stripped the area of its vegetation. >> it's still a scary time to be
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honor echlt. we know every time an inch of rain falls on that burn scar this could happen. time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. the "boston herald" says the jurors return in the whitey bulger trial today. they adjourned friday after four days of deliberations. >> "the wall street journal" says federal health officials are investigating the use of anti-psychotic drugs on children. the review involves medicaid recipients 17 and under. there's concern that the medications are being prescribed too often. listen to this. medicaid spends more on anti-psychotics than any other class of drugs. >> the "financial times" says climate change is creating a shortcut for shipping in the art tick. a chinese cargo freighter is shipping across canada and around alaska. the journey could cut two weeks of shipping times between san francisco and china.
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on friday she sold $91 million in stock and still has options worth over a billion dollar. samberg is the author of the best-seller best-seller "lean in." >> apple says they could have a fingerprint sensor but samsung hopes to release its new phone the week before. and presidential primaries are more than two years away but it's never too early for potential candidates can test the water. don dahler shows how they may be starting the visit. >> reporter: they made their way to iowa this weekend for an event organized by an influential group. >> it is great to be back in iowa. >> reporter: political insiders believe they are vying for the
7:18 am
attention of conservative voters. in the run-up to 2016 iowa is the place to be. the state's caucuses are not only the first major electoral event. they can be the most tellers, often predicting a party's potential nominee. vice president joe biden has also plan add trip to iowa. he'll attend an annual steak fry. he attended in 2007 along with fellow candidates hillary clinton and barack obama. biden has hinted at a third run for presidency and it's considered a key stop. still politico's rebecca says. while also paving the way for likely front-runner hillary clinton. >> on the democratic side the field clearly is hillary and then everyone else. >> while clinton has also
7:19 am
withheld any announcement her iowa supporters are speaking loud and clear. and the super pac has already raced over $1 million. serious money for an uncertain campaign. ever since jimmy carter made iowa important in 1976 candidates have gone there, ever earlier to kick off the campaign. >> early is the new normal. you have to move fast seize the moment, unless you want the race to pass you by. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," don dahler new york. >> for most people it's too early but for you and i who are political junkies, it's never too early. >> yeah. ted cruz has been there twice. now we have the news that joe biden is going to tom harkin's steak friday. amy cloeb i schaar from minnesota is there this week and claire mccaskill was there this past week. so everyone has already descended there in iowa. >> are they there for hillary or to speak to the democratic
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voters? >> amy is there on her own to >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by mcdonald's. i'm lovin' it.
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it is the question many adopted children ask. where did i come from? >> there she is. >> yeah. >> the law giving some people answers and the controversial that comes with it. >> what people are concerned about, i think, is the knock at the door. >> plus finding a good deal on coach seats could be getting tougher. why airlines may be squeezing you out in the name of luxury. the news is back in the morning here on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news.
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26 minutes past 7:00, the sun working its way out. christy breslin has traffic after tim's first warning weather. we will see breaks of sun and the humidity levels rise. thunderstorms in spots in the afternoon. humid conditions, 87 degrees, down to 70 tomorrow. thunderstorms will be later heading into tuesday. now to christy breslin at wjz traffic control. hi, everyone. speaking of brakes lots of brake lights on 70 east bound if breathny lane to the beltway. as far as the beltway goes, slow traffic on the outer loop from liberty past 70. 95 southbound an accident there at route 22 blocking the right-land lane. watch for slow
7:27 am
traffic investigate south bound direction approaching white marsh. we have railroad gates broken that has westy moan yankees blocked off. we have heavier volume on the inner loop. the traffic report is brought to you by bill's carpet. them at at 877-75-bills. commuters are getting relief at the pump this morning. mike schuh is live at cold spring lane and fail falls road in baltimore. >> reporter: good morning. gas prices are come down so much so fast there's good news to report at the pump. the price in maryland has dropped about a dime in the past week. an average in our area it is $3.59 a gallon. cheaper if you know where to look. there's a number of reasons for the drops supplies are at record levels and cars are more fuel efficient, meaning we don't need
7:28 am
as much gas. the hour her season could idol gulf coast refineries causing a boost. i'm mike schuh reporting live. back to you. >> thank you. closing argument red sox set s are set to begin in the murder for hire trial of karla porter. she said she suffered years of abuse at the hand of her husband william. she's accused of hiring a hit man to kill him. a weekend accident near towson sent eight people to the hospital on the beltway between providence road and dulaney valley road. a passenger van flipped it. it has severe damage but nobody was trapped inside. everyone inside was taken to the hospital. no word on their current conditions. the ray sends aed an old player to the new roster. brandy stokely is returning. he signed a one year contract with the team that drafted him in 1999. welcome back, brandon.
7:29 am
stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. up next inequality in the air. a look at the new premium seating on some airlines. [ male announcer ] say goodbye to suits and suitcases, and say hello to the white sands and sunny beaches of northwest florida. feel good getaways. that's how we fly. southwest airlines is offering nonstop service from bwi airport to panama city beach, florida starting at $120 one-way.
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book now online, only at we are southwest. welcome aboard. they began the final round of the pga championship. he was two shots up and that's the way it stayed. he won the first major of his career in a wedge shot-for-sure birdie. he finished the tournament ten under par. it is a redemption of short. he blue a four-shot lead with four to go. he says it has not such in yet. >> there he gives his wife a very emotional hug and a little pat, a happy pat, which is about the most emotion jason dufner ever shows. he is so calm. he screws up a shot doesn't
7:31 am
show any emotion. gets a shot doesn't get any emotion. in the end it's like that's all he had. >> very impressive. it was a great tournament. >> just a lot of talent there. >> all right. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour how babies learn to count numbers with an app. that's the promise from one of the nation'd leading toymakers. but a group says the opposite is true. you're going to hear from both sides. >> tonight the stars align. the perseid showers are going to like up. a top astronomer shows us what else to look for. that's ahead j a ground braking law in illinois allows adoptees who are now adults to get a copy of their original birth certificate. it's spreading out to other states. they say it's a big step toward uniting lost relatives but as jeff pegues reports critics say
7:32 am
it brings on a debate for those who don't want to know. >> cletus lynch found this photo in his drawer. he was 11 living with his mother in a one-bedroom apartment in illinois and was stunned when she told him the girl in the picture was his sister. >> i love you. >> i love you too. >> you're real. >> lynch searched for his sister all his adult life. barbara mapes knew she was adopted and also felt for no particular reason that she had a brother. >> i think i have an older brother out there. some day i'm going to be walking down the street or in an airport and i'm going to see a guy who looks just like me. ha. >> mapes was raised by adoptive parents 35 miles away from her mother and birth mom in illinois but because of privacy laws those 35 miles might as well have been 3,500.
7:33 am
>> i always felt like the corner foundation piece to that puzzle has always been missing. >> traditionally birth certificates are sealed am after that a new one is issued with the adopted parents' name on it. >> everywhere you went you got a brick wall privacy rules, hipaa rules. i mean i had contacted the hospital. no, we can't give you the information. >> reporter: in 2010 the illinois state legislature changed the law making it possible for adoptees over the age of 21 to get a copy of their original birth certificate. when barbara mapes got her 61-year-old birth certificate, she was stunned to see that she had a sibling. >> it was that sibling that i was interested in because i just felt look i had a big brother. i never thought about sister or anything. i just thought i had a big brother out there. >> i passed this law because i self-obtained and was approached by many other adoptees in illinois who had no idea how to
7:34 am
get any information. >> illinois state representative sara figgen psara fiegenholtz wrote the bill. >> people who wanted to reconnect to get life-saving medical information were unable do anything and why. >> reporter: critics of the illinois law and similar bills around the country say that sealed records protect the biological parents and that this change constitutes an invasion of privacy. adam pertman is the executive director of the adoption institute. >> what people are concerned about, i think, is a knock at the door. they're going have to suddenly have a relationship with a child they relinquished. >> reporter: naples says it's her right to know the truth. >> i guess i'm speaking on behalf of all the adoptees out there who don't know anything.
7:35 am
it's an unknown factor of our lives and we feel we need to know. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," jeff pegues greenville north carolina. >> so lovely to see them together. >> it is indeed. >> yeah. >> and also to understand they kept saying it's the missing piece, it's the missing piece to know. >> i understand some parents may want some privacy if they were forced to give up a child for adoption, but to see a brother and sister reconnected or a sibling, i think that's incredible. >> and they look a lot alike. >> they do. so happy to be together. and developers are creating mobile apps for kids and even babies but now a children's advocacy groups. elaine quijano is with us. good morning. >> good morning to you, norah. there's an app for everything and everyone even babies but research shows it's not necessarily good for them.
7:36 am
♪ one, two, three lie on rks two rks tlee, two, three. >> this app is for lions. complaints filed last week with the federal trade commission against app maker fisher-price and open solution say there's no evidence that the products have any educational value. >> the marketing that these companies do is just rife with false and deceptive claims that baby apps are a good way to teach babies. >> reporter: dr. seussenusan linn. it forced disney to walk back steps on the baby einstein video. >> it's exploiting really parents' best intent. >> reporter: linn points to the american academy of pediatrics
7:37 am
which prevents screen time for children under the age of 2. >> the research shows the more time they spend with media, the less time they engage in activities nobody to be proven to be educational for them. >> reporter: in a statement to cbs news fisher-price says our toy development process begins with expensive research to create appropriate toys for the was children play, discover and grow. a spokesman for solution says the apps can help parents with babies but agrees screens should not replace human interaction. the troy industry administration says they should not be exploited. they will examine the claims that app makers are misleading parents. the agency did not say whether
7:38 am
there will be a formal investigation. norah, charlie. jetblue is people going after the first klass market next year. flights from new york to california will include sliding doors and beds. it's the latest move among air carriers to lure upscale flyers. c b sbs news travel editor peter greenberg is reporting from las vegas. >> why are you laughing? >> peter's in las vegas. >> stop that charlie. >> were you saying something about beds and airplanes? >> it's a bit like where is peter this week. what convention is he at. so, tell me about this. why is jetblue doing this and what are the people who are going to be squeezed thinking about it? >> jetblue is doing it because everybody else is doing it. they're always mapping their business class sections. it's about yield.
7:39 am
how much they can get per passenger, per seat in the front of the plate. even though they're flying full it's about who's flying those planes and how much they're paying. >> how is it going to affect the people in coach. >> what the airlines are saying and not much coach can be empty and you've made money. conversely if you don't fill that first class section, there could be people on the wings and you're barely breaking even. so that's where their concentration is. it's not a question of how they're flying or who's flying the plane. it's where they're flying the plane. american airlines right now flies to seven different destinations in brazil and they make more money on those flights than they do on any other airline flights simply because people are paying the money and they're paying up front. >> what's the look liehood if this continues there will be all coach flights that make
7:40 am
companies like jetblue prosper? >> we're sort of moving to a two-class system. those who can afford to fly and those who walkts to but can't. what's happening is as they cut capacity more and more coach passengers are going to get skreezed. on short haul flights, that's what people can afford to fly and it's going to be a while before another airline steps in and fills that void aiming for the front of the cabin. >> all right. peter greenberg. have fun in vegas. >> thanks a lot. >> and we hope it stays in vegas. >> it will. >> all right. it is one of the biggest shows anywhere in the universe tonight. the best chance to see it this year. we'll show you the perseid meteor shower. that's next. kentucky senator rand paul is here in studio 57. he'll talk about his book on government bullying plus 2016
7:41 am
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sky tonight. this year's perseid meteor shower is in full force. welcome, derrick pitts. >> thank you. >> why is it such a big deal? >> it's a big deal because people can see it so easily. people enjoy looking at the night sky. >> what will you see tonight? >> when you look outside you'll see bright streaks of light zipping across the skies. some of them might be very bright and they are quite fast so it's always exciting to see these things. >> and what time do you think it will happen? >> the best time to view is between midnight and sunrise.
7:46 am
however for those of you that may not be able to stay up that late, i say start as soon as the sky getting dark. there's no reason why you can't. >> give us the historical point about 65,000 years ago when one of these meteor showers -- >> so 65 million years ago a really good-sized meteor struck the surface of the earth near the yucatan peninsula. when it happened it killed off vegetation across the planet. the dinosaurs not having anything to eat, remember they were vegetarian they died from lack of food. as the temperature went down and the food supply died out, the dinosaur also died out but that allowed creatures to come up. >> we're not expecting that to happen with the perseid showers. >> they happen 40 to 60 miles an
7:47 am
hour up in the air and they're the size of sand grains. it's really simple. the earth's orbit intercepts the orbit of a comet call eded swiss tunnel. >> i didn't know that dinosaurs were vegans? >> yeah. it's a little known fact, but, yeah, they had their own restaurants and menus. >> all right. derrick pitts. we will be watching tonight on local weather hopefully will be clear enough you might see a meteor. expect cloud cover. we expect humid conditions today clouds an breaking of sun. thunderstorms primarily in the afternoon with some of the instability kicks in through the afternoon and evening hours. 70 degrees tonight a couple showers and thunderstorms later. tuesday would be an active day of rain and thunderstorms.
7:48 am
partly sunny through part of the can you imagine travels faster than a jet? well you're going to meet the people redefined how to get from here to there. the high-speed plans for the future. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." if you're seeing spots before your eyes... it's time... for aveeno® positively radiant® face moisturizer. [ female announcer ] only aveeno® has an active naturals total soy formula that instantly brightens skin. and helps reduce the look of brown spots in just 4 weeks. for healthy radiant skin. try it for a month. then go ahead and try to spot a spot. aveeno® positively radiant®. naturally beautiful results.
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4 before 8:00, clouds over head but sunshine coming in from the east, notice the shadows on the cars and the reflection of the sun in the windows. we do have humidity building. that brings the chance for clouds and thunderstorms in afternoon. 87 today, 70 tonight. sgld now to christy breslin at wjz traffic control. >> west side outer loop from 70 over to south western boulevard an accident. route 22 at pulaski high and rustle street at west west street.
7:57 am
let's take a look. busy ride on the become at harford. this traffic report is brought to you by al packer. visit al packer ford in white marsh. gasoline prices are the low lowest they've been in a month. mike schuh has the story. >> reporter: good morning. gas price haves gone down so far so fast there's good news to report. the price in maryland has dropped about a dime in the past week. on average it is $3.59 for a gallon in our area. cheaper if you know where to look. there are a number of reasons for the drop, the peak summer travel season has passed, supplies are at record levels and experts say our cars are manier fuel efficient. any hurricanes could idle refineries, meaning a price boost. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. up next, the president's approval rating
7:58 am
taking a dive. a look at an award-winning documentary maker. comben a mix of over cast an sunshine outside t ♪ ♪ this summer, new york state is back and open for business. with endless beaches, hundreds of miles for hiking...or biking. endless rivers and streams ready to take your breath away. and more than enough wineries to please every pallet. we're ready to make your new york state vacation perfect. there's never been a better time to vacation in new york state. plan your vacation at the new state of new york. welcome.
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8:00 am
good morning, charlie. good morning, everybody. it is 8:00 a.m. welcome to "cbs this morning." overnight a sinkhole swallows part of a resort a few miles from disney world. a missing teen is heading home to san diego after the fbi agents shot and killed her apparent kidnapper in the idaho wilderness. and first on "cbs this morning," money magazine reports on the best places to live in america. but first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. hannah anderson and her father are expected back in san
8:01 am
diego later today. the 16-year-old was found alive and unharmed in the remote area of idaho. >> the 16-year-old was on television and i told my wife, that's the girl we seen on the mountains. a giant sinkhole caused a resort to collapse. already 20 people have been evacuated. >> today the administration is going to send a memo to u.s. attorneys across the country telling them to change how they charge the nonviolent drug crimes. >> i hope that's what general dempsey and others are saying. professional militaries don't do this. return this to civilian government, or you will not have a relationship with the united states of america. jason dufner with the first major of his career. >> he gives his wife a very emotional hug and a pat, a happy pat. >> the meteors happen about 40 to 60 miles up in the earth's atmosphere and they're only the size of sand grains so we don't have much to worry about.
8:02 am
peter greenberg is in las vegas. >> why are you laughing charlie? >> it's a bit like where's peter greenberg this week. i'm charlie rose with nor real o'donnell. gayle king is off. a vacation resort in central florida is falling into a huge sinkhole this morning. about 20 people were staying there. >> the three-story building started to collapse overnight. evan lambert of our orlando affiliate is at the scene about ten miles west of walt disney world. evan good morning. >> reporter: charlie and norah, good morning. we just got world from the owners of this company. they're telling us this building is a complete loss. from the air you can see about half of this building is falling into that sink hole. firefighters tell me it's about
8:03 am
16 feet wide and 16 feet deep. they're making sure it doesn't grow. they're bringing out other crews to make sure it doesn't happen to any other billings. they've had to evacuate 36 people from the area and surrounding building. no injuries here. there are people running oust their building throwing things over the side running for their lives. it's amazing no one was hurt in all of this. this started around midnight when people staying at this resort said they heard some cracking, they saw windows start to shatter and part of the elevator shaft, the building that holds the elevator collapse right into that sinkhole and then another portion of that building is hanging over the sinkhole. there's about a thousand units on this entire property. this is one three-story building here, three stories about 20 or so units in this building. and as we heard from the company, a complete loss. they're working right now to accommodate everybody here vacationers here who were
8:04 am
staying in those buildings. back to you. >> evan, thanks. we're learning new fings this morning about a rescued teenager. >> authorities say he abducted 16-year-old hannah anderson from california after killing her mother and brother. ben tracy is at the sheriff's office in san diego which started the investigation a week ago. ben, good morning. >> norah and charlie, good morning. a lot of relief at the sheriff's department this morning now that hannah anderson has been found alive. this is a manhunt that went on for a weak after her mother and brother were found dead inside a burning home here in san diego. the campsite where dimaggio was hiding out with hannah anderson was first spotted on saturday idaho's rugged back woods. two hostage rescue teams were immediately deployed. >> it was a challenging landing because of the very steep terrain. they were able to get that team out and on the ground. that team then hiked about 2, 2 1/2 hours to the camp and
8:05 am
surrounded the camp. that's the first separation they were hannah and dimaggio. they were able to move in and make that rescue. >> dimaggio was shot and killed by an fbi agent after refusing to surrender. the fbi will conduct an internal assessment. the saga began last sunday after the bodies of her mother christina and brother 8-year-old ethan were found inside dimaggio's burning home about an hour east of san diego. police were put on alert. searchers were tipped off in this remote area of idaho by some horseback riders. >> it was like a square peg going into the round hole. it didn't fit. he might have been an outdoorsman in california but he was not an outdoorsman in idaho. >> reporter: the rider recognized hannah from the television amber alert and told his wife. >> i told my wife that is the girl up on the mountain.
8:06 am
>> reporter: now hannah anderson and her fare are due back here in san diego today. family here celebrating her return but they're also mourning the loss of her mother and her brother. norah and charlie? >> ben, thank you. san diego bob filner has left a program one week earlier than expected. in a poll 72% think he should resign after sexually harassing more than a dozen women. he's admitted to acting inappropriately but refuses to step down. listening to ceo tim armstrong's dramatic call through the local news network. >> the reason is i'm going to be very specific about this, is a patch from an experience d able put that camera down right now. able, you're fired. out. >> reports say armstrong had
8:07 am
been speaking to the patch creative director. he had threatened to close one third of patch's website. hundreds of employees are likely to be laid offer. >> that's unbelievable to see that. >> it is. and to listen to that. all right. the first family is vacationing this week on martha's vineyard. it's not president obama's first time but u this trip is creating a bit more of a stir. major is traveling there. major, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, norah and charlie. the president now favors more transparency when it comes to major counterterrorism. after this week there was a bit more visibility of something else, the president's golf game. it wasn't very pretty. now, look. this is an island vacation getaway. it would never turn down a presidential vacation. even though this trip has brought some added announces. transparency is not always kind to presidential golf. mr. obama ran the one approach shot reporters were allowed to witness well past the hole.
8:08 am
his first putt missed promoting a grimace that golfers could appreciate. two more putts and on to the second hole. this is his presidential vacation on martha's vineyard but for the first time the family is staying down this road snail road south of the road prompting secret service agents to close this area. >> this new home they're renting this year creating a little bit of road closure, which will be a minor inconvenience. >> reporter: at the town hall in near by chilmark residents were directed to contact the white house if they were aggrieved -- such a new england word -- by the road closures. he knows all about local grougs of disruptive tourists. >> one of the complaints is the skplanlt of summer visitors you
8:09 am
can complain about new york plates and now the president. >> reporter: this is not to put it mildly a typical american destination. visitors can spend up to $40,000 a week for a beach house and nightly charges are $300 to $750 an hour. one of the president's favorite restaurants thrives on it. >> the economy of the island is a tourist economy. localists don't like the congested roads but we need them. we like people coming and visiting. >> reporter: in previous years the first family saved at a much more remote compound no traffic jams associated with that. but that was recently purchased by a british lord. he's not renting to anyone, not even the president.
8:10 am
no traffic jams were reported. >> major, it was -- charlie and i were looking at the picture this morning of the president golfing because it is so rare to get a picture of the president, right? >> with that body language. it's typical of the president, i'm told. very enfrequently does the white house give the reporters that. but perhaps they thought it was good to pull the curtain back on the president's golf game even if he might not have preferred the visibility that the game brought. >> we do not want to be hard of people's golf games. >> let's just say that the president didn't duft it like dufner. >> reporter: is this hard duty, major? >> i'll take it. i'm happy to be
8:11 am
our local weather is starting off with a bit of over cast skies humidity building and showers potentially through the afternoon. better chance later. a high of 87, clouds and some sun. we've seen some sun already. showers will be in spots primarily later in the day. for tonight temperatures go down to about 70 degrees. a couple showers again but mostly tuesday. ahead, condoleezza rice. she tells us what president obama should be doing about iran, syria, and the middle east. that's coming up on "cbs this morning." in the nation, sometimes bad things happen. but add brand new belongings from nationwide insurance and we won't just give you the partial value of items that are stolen or destroyed... ...we'll replace them with brand-new versions.
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8:15 am
this happened at a whiffle ball tournament on sunday. take a look at the field. it's one quarter the size of the boston famed fenway park. great pass there. it went right over the side. >> look at the great monster on the left side. >> little fenway. get ready to learn about the hyperloop. it promises to to be the fast it way to get anywhere. we'll see how tech pioneer is getting involved next on "cbs this morning."
8:16 am
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you're on timeout leo! ♪ ♪ ♪ some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
8:19 am
elon musk is known for his electric cars and technology. he's already exploring the technology called hyperlooping. >> reporter: it is ugly and ungamely made of styrofoam and duct tape, and yet this mockup of this speeding capsule may be a look into the future. it will take several billion bucks to build a system to send these down the capsule with the air sucked out just like this.
8:20 am
the capsule moves through an air lock. colorado inventor daryl oster calls his idea the evaporator 2 transport technology and thinks it's an irresistible way to get from l.a. to san francisco in barely enough time to eat a tuna sandwich. >> san francisco, how long? >> half an hour. >> what do i feel sitting in this capsule? >> what you'll feel is like if you're in a corvette and pushed the throttle down all the way? >> for how long? >> 20 seconds to get up to 350 to 400 miles an hour. >> if oster sounds like a lonely inventor with not much more than a good idea consider elon musk who made his billions making tesla electric car, online system paypal and spacex one of
8:21 am
the first projects to launching satellites. he's big fan of moving people without cars motivated by his own california commute. >> you just see a carpet of cars that aren't moving and it's just like wow. how much misery is that causing and surely there's something we can do about it. >> reporter: now mosque plans to father and maybe even help pay for something he called the high per loop using levitation like the bullet train in japan and the vacuum system used by banks. the catch is california has come up with high-speed rail system. the trains will go 220 miles an hour to make the l.a./san francisco run in three hours but it's a big drain with a big price take, about $60 million. >> to meet the neats of the 50
8:22 am
million people we're going to have in the next 20 30 years we have to build more free ways more airports and do more things that are going to cost a lot more than the high speed rail system. >> oster's system is going to cost one ten ofgt that. >> how do i get the kids to the bathroom? >> at most the exits will be 15 minutes apart. >> extend the system across the country and then the world. >> new york to beijing -- >> two hours. >> two hours. >> yeah. >> wow. >> hang on if the capsule in the tup dreamers have their way this will be some ticket to ride. for "cbs this morning" barry petersen in denver. >> sign me up. >> me too. it's just one more example of how exciting the future is. >> so exciting. elon musk at the front of that magnetic levitation, to be able to tlavl quickly. there's dmout we need the
8:23 am
changes. >> and the velocity of change too. the more we have, the easier to reach goals. >> i love it. we'll reveal money ♪ ♪ this summer, new york state is back and open for business. with endless beaches, hundreds of miles for hiking...or biking. endless rivers and streams ready to take your breath away. and more than enough wineries to please every pallet. we're ready to make your new york state vacation perfect. there's never been a better time to vacation in new york state.
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8:25 am
0% apr for 60 months now until september 3rd. that's the power of german engineering. at 25 past 8:00 we're looking west across the city. we're looking at a day where some sun will peak through. clouds and sun. humidity and thunderstorms in spots. over night lows going down to about 70 degrees. that's after a high of just around 87. now for another check of the roads over to christy breslin at wjz traffic control. >> hi, everyone. we still have a couple of accidents lingering out there. the first one we're watching pulaski highway at ebinez er road. as far as the beltway goes, still seeing a lot of congestion from liberty road to south western boulevard. on
8:26 am
the topside outer loop watch for brake lights from 95 past harford road. let's take a live look. you can see things getéing easier on the west side of the beltway. this traffic report is brought to you by duke's mayo. made with the same great recipe since 1917. duke's mayo is the secret to great food. there's some good news for drivers this morning. gasoline prices are going down. mike schuh has the story. >> reporter: good morning. gas prices are gone down so far so fast that there is good news to report. the price in maryland has dropped about a dime in the past week on average it is $3.59 for a gallon in our area. cheaper if you know where to lock. there are a number of reasons, peak summer travel season has passed, supply record levels and our cars are more
8:27 am
fuel efficient. any hurricanes could idol refineries, meaning a price boost. three teenagers are hurt after two close together crashes. it happened near small road an harness creek road. a 17-year-old drove off the road on a curve before an 18-year-old driver also ran off the road near by. the younger driver in critical condition the other driver released from the hospital. a 17-year-old passenger was treated for a minor injury. police believe speed was a factor in both cases. the port of baltimore has a record breaking year behind it. port officials say it passed more than 9.5 million tons of general cargo this past fiscal year shattering all previous records. it supports 15,000 jobs in maryland. tax-free shopping is here until august 17th. shoppers can buy clothes and shoes under $100
8:28 am
without paying the 6% sales tax. it's a great week for consumers and retailers. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. up next,
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour more in my interview with condoleezza rice. we'll ask the former secretary of state if we should expect a better relationship with iran while the president is in office. >> we'll reveal the best places to live in america. it's the story you'll see first on "cbs this morning." right now it's time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. "the wall street journal" says ticket matter has a new strategy to deal with scalpers. the livenation website office seats. while that means higher prices
8:31 am
buyers can be certain the secondhand tickets are legitimate. "the boston globe" says it pays to babysit. most american workser are stagnant but teenage babysitters in the boston area now average $12 an hour. some can make $17 an hour. >> britain's telegraph says 1,000 people have volunteered for a one-way trip to march. a dutch group is organizing the mission. the volunteers include 30,000 americans. a group of 40 would be civilian astronauts chosen later this year. the journey is set to begin in 2022. and britain's paper shows how lightning can hit twice. look at usain bolt. look at it. then it struck for real. look at that when a bolt of lightning lit up the sky just as the jamaican runner storm aid
8:32 am
cross the finish line. >> it's unbelievable how fast he is. and "the new york times" says drought-stricken communities across the southwest are waging wars against front lawns. others are handing out fines of almost $500 for watering the lawn during the day. and this morning money magazine is out with its 2013 list of the best places to live in america. this year's issue on sale friday looks at small towns. money senior editor donna rosato is here to reveal the list first on "cbs this morning." good morning. >> good morning. >> you have released a list like this for the past 25 years. what goes in to the characteristics to create this list? >> this year we look at small towns. we look at everything from quality of schools to job growth housing affordability and quality of life. what i think you'll see as a common thread is really the strength of the local economy. but the numbers can only tell you so much so we sent reporters
8:33 am
out to look for those elusive things lime community spirit. >> we look at sharon massachusetts. why there? >> that helps insulate it from the recession but it also helped ignite a really rapid economic rebound. less than 5% unemployment. it's also extremely diverse. both ethnically and racially. it's got the largest mosque in new england and one of the largest populations of russians and 18% of schoolchildren speak a second language at home. >> and then louisville colorado coming in at number two. >> that's right. it's been on our list twice. it's going strong. in fact, too strong. the housing market has rebounded. some have to rent for a while before they can get in. you may pay a lot for living there but you really get a lot. really known for its quality of
8:34 am
schools. >> what do you know in terms of feedback you might get? what happens to a small town on a list? >> people love it. they don't like to be on the list because it attracts more people but townspeople are really, really proud. we never find people unwilling to talk to us about what makes their town so great. >> number three, virginia. >> it's north of d.c. some of the suburbs can be somewhat cookie-cutter but not vienna. it's got a historic downtown rail that goes through and lots of restaurants and low unemployment rates. >> and then chanhassen minnesota. >> population of 23,000. 20 miles from minneapolis. they have wi-fi on the school
8:35 am
buses. i don't know if the kids have to do hoemt work on the buss. >> that's a new one. is one of the criteria you get the most bang for your buck. in other words, there's a lower cost of living and good paying jobs? >> in some places the cost of living sa s a little bit higher in terms of taxes and housing prices but some of the places like chanhussen for example, you get a lot for your money. >> i grew up in a small town in north carolina. >> that's right. apex north carolina. it's con straighted from the university and a research triangle that and they're fine young people too that that's right. >> you grew up where? >> henderson, north carolina. a wonderful place where i still have a home and love to bit it. >> it must have been a little too far left. >> probably. >> donna rosato good to see
8:36 am
you. >> thank you. >> you can see the full list at last year we brought you the story of the man known as the sound tracker. he has devoted his life to finding the quietist places on the planet. now he's dealing with a surprising development. jeff glor is with us. good morning. >> good morning. his quest for quiet is because it's so difficult to find what he seeks, especially today. the pure sounds of nature. he became famous for documenting those sounds. now all of it might be ending. gordon hempton will go just about anywhere to find peace and quiet. the remote hills of ecuador, the outback of australia, the jungles of the amazon. he's been recording the quiet sounds of nature for over 30 years. we first met him last year deep inside washington's national
8:37 am
park to an area where he's named one square inch of science, the kwieest place in the lower 48 states. >> nature's as busy communicating as we are, and that's where i want to be listening to all of that. >> reporter: but now hempton could lose it all. the man who calls himself the sound tracker is going deaf. >> i woke up one morning in the spring and the sun was shining. i knew that it was early by the light, and i knew the birds had to be singing, but i wasn't hearing any, and that's when i knew my life was going to be different. >> do you have hearing aids in right now? >> no hearing aids and i'm not reading your lips but we are facing each other. i hear almost nothing out of my left ear and i hear about 25% of what i used to hear out of my
8:38 am
right ear. an amazing thing for a lot of people is they go how can you be going deaf when you still understand a human voice and can have a conversation. and immediately i thought oh they've never listened to nature because human speech and communication is so important to our lives but it's not important to my life. >> for three decades hempton pain stangingly trained himself to hear what others can't. in a world awash in artificial volume, hempton campaigned for the nuance sounds of nature trying to get places protected from the intrusion of manmade voice by showing us what it was like without it. >> when you think about that potential future without the sounds of nature wow. >> i can't imagine the sunrise
8:39 am
without birdsong. i can't imagine the wave crashing on the shore of rialto and not hearing all the notes of the waves coming back. i will not become a deaf person. >> doctors are still trying to figure out exactly what's causing hempton's hearing loss but that process will take time and money. so hempton's putting together what he believes will be his defining work a 19-volume collection of recordings called quiet planets, hoping the proceeds can get him a proper diagnosis. >> you appreciate the irony here, the man who seeks silence is going deaf. >> yes. but isn't that what life is about? thing about it. you know? if life was really about being born and you knew how everything was going to go not that it would be boring but there wouldn't be any messages any
8:40 am
real lessons, any real growth or development. >> reporter: hempton still goes out. he still listens, but inside his studio, his daughter helps him hear. >> it's getting pretty loud. >> reporter: he say nos matter what happens, his mission will move forward. >>ly not say good-bye to sound. it will change my work if my hearing doesn't recover, but i am the sound tracker. >> he did share some use with us. an app called thunder space bought some of his recordings. if he continues to get the money it could happen treatment, as soon as fall. it's not clear what it is. if it's an allergy or infection. he's worried about if and when surgery gets done it could make the problem worse.
8:41 am
>> what about a cochlear implant implant. >> i'm not sure. >> it's so painful that the way he earns a living could impact him the most. >> like a painter going blind. there's a new president in iran. does that give the u.s. any reason for optimism? we're going to hear more our local weather starting off with a little sun off in the horizon and peaking through the clouds. the cloud cover is pretty heavy. so is the humidity. 87 degrees today clouds and some sun. a thunderstorm in spots in the afternoon. for tonight going down to about 70 degrees. a couple thunderstorms mostly late. for tomorrow a lot of activity early. then the afternoon could be pretty nice. expect for thunderstorms some of
8:42 am
them to be pretty heavy 87 degrees is your dayti ok. we'll start looking for an suv... "fire' by firenze" "sir?" start your search online with over 35,000 carmax quality certified used cars. carmax. start here. ♪ ♪ [ perdue ] they say you are what you eat. well, at perdue, we say you are what you eat...eats. which is why we feed our chickens a 100-percent vegetarian diet including corn, soybeans and marigolds without any added hormones...or steroids. and unlike a lot of other companies we never use animal by-products like blood and bone meal. because we believe that's what it takes to bring your family a tastier more tender chicken. perdue. we believe in a better
8:43 am
chicken. former secretary of state condoleeza rice. she's a cbs news contributor. i sat down with her.
8:44 am
we looked at the foreign policy questions facing america. that includes how the united states should respond to iran's new president hassan rowhani. >> we turn to iran. they have a new president. some thing he's a moderate. >> yes. >> do you think there's such a thing? >> when you're talking about a moderate in iran you're talking a very narrow as spegts of it. perhaps the good news is rowhani really does have a belief that he needs to change the internal politics of iran that he needs to give a little bit more face to the people of iran that he needs to fix the economy, perhaps through that you can get some openings on the foreign policy side but i would not begin to believe that this is someone who's going to meadably begin to change the foreign policy. >> but should the united states take advantage of what might be
8:45 am
a small opening with him, and if so, what should they do? >> first of all, keep in place the sanctions that are there so that they're continues to be pressure for change in iran. secondly by all means, make iran the aur that has been made repeatedly since 2006 and see if the change in circumstances politically in iran and the fact that the iranian economy is in such trouble. let's see if that gives rowhani reason to make a deal. >> should there be more sanctions? >> i think we can continue -- absolutely. we continue to move the sanctions forward. when it looks as if the iranians are responding to the new environment, i would one by one begin to release the sanctions. but if you release the pressure now in the hopes that rowhani is going to be a different kind of iranian, you're going to remove the very pressures that may be leading to changes in the way that iran thinks about its
8:46 am
process. >> let me move to syria. what options do we have in syria? at this stage? >> well we're very late in the game now. >> meaning we should have done more earlier. >> earlier on -- >> the president made a mistake in not arming the syrian rebels. >> we made a mistake in not arming the syrian rebels when there were rebels more associated with the political agenda that's in our interest and one that's not dominated by islamicistst islamists. >> is it too late? >> no. the ground forces are on the ground. the options aren't very good but i still think at this point you have to arm rebels that we have vetted that we believe may have a political agenda. >> but is it possible to arm those rebels so the arms are not falling into the hands of those who are islamists? >> it's going to be hard but you
8:47 am
don't have any other options. >> what happens with the arab springs? >> i'm one that is not -- >> you look in libya, egypt, syria, indonesia. >> charlie, when people seize their rights rather than reform it's always chaotic, always difficult. the united states of america of all countries sought to recognize it takes time. do you think when the founding fathers said we the people they meant me? it takes time. >> also on the diplomatic front you have secretary of state kerry pushing to ignite a dialogue between the israelis and the palestinians. does it have a chance? is he right to try to do this now? >> well secretary kerry is certainly right to try to get the israelis and the palestinians talking again. the situation in the middle east is so vastly different now that it's hard to know precisely with
8:48 am
where this is going to go. i'm never going to be one who's a naysayer about trying to get them to peace. i used to be asked charlie, well, is this a good time to go to the middle east with all of the problems. i say if you wait for a good time in the middle east you'll never find it. more power to john kerry for trying. >> interesting. it's a fascinating story because you don't know how much room he has because as you noted the relationship with the supreme leader. >> right. and how much this new moderate president and the former secretary of state pointed out, hominy, is still denouncing the united states and denounceing the u.s. playing a role in the negotiations. but do you think based on the conversations that they'll elect him given some time? >> i would assume so. the stronger he is the more he can make some positive changes. so he'll probably do that, i
8:49 am
assume. the interesting thing, it's such an interesting country. rich in culture and history. it's a place that has enormous power in the region. >> and as you were out in california least week, elizabeth palmer has been reporting from iran. she has been noting the economic embargo is affecting everything. it's affecting medical supplies. it's cutting people so deep in iran it may force change soup sniet clearly is a case where sanctions worked. a new lederhaas to make sure he has a good relationship. >> no doubt. okay. we'll be right back. and you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:50 am
8:51 am
and if you ever go
8:52 am
motorbiking in new zealand watch out for angry rams. this ram walkedblocked the way of one biker. when the biker wouldn't give the ram charged. eventually the biker gets the upper hand. >> how do you get the upper hand? >> he grabbed him by the horn. that's what i always say. grab life by the horns, right, charlie. >> all right. >> glad to have you back. i missed gayle. glad you're back. i miss gayle as well. >> she's off on another vacation. >> she'll be back. we all need a little break once in a while. >> we do indeed. that does it for "cbs this morning." we'll see you tomorrow right here on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: closed captioning is proudly sponsored by citracal.
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(woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. at 5 minutes before 9:00 it looks like it's brightened a bit outside unless you see the humid haze. it's sticky. meteorologist tim williams is over at first warning weather. we're looking at humid level levels going up. a front to our south is going to rise up. it's going to bring with it the chance of some showers. 87 degrees today. 70 tonight. chance of thunderstorm through the even ing and a better chance tomorrow morning 67 relief for drivers this morning. gas prices are falling. >> good morning. gas price haves gone down so far so fast that there is good news to report. the price in maryland has dropped about a dime in the past week. on average it is $3
8:56 am
$3.59 for a gallon. supplies are at level reports and experts say our cars are more fuel efficient. any hurricanes could idol refineries meaning a price boost. closing arguments are set to begin in the murder for hire trial of karla porter. she told jurors she suffered years of abuse at the hands of her husband william. she's accused of hiring a hit man for killing him. a baltimore county girl is being treated at the hospital after being dragged by her dog. it happened yesterday afternoon around 4:30 on cotswald court. the girl was dragged by the dog but the extent of her injuries is not known. a weekend accident sent
8:57 am
eight people to the hospital. a passenger van went down an embankment and flipped over. everybody went to the hospital. no word on their conditions at this hour either. three tashlgs hurt if two close together crashes. a 17-year-old first drove off the road on a curve right before an 18-year-old driver ran off the same stretch of road. the 17-year-old driver is in critical condition. the other was treated and released from the hospital. a 17-year-old passenger was treated for a minor injury. police believe speed was a factor. the avrns add brandon stockily to their roster. he has since played for
8:58 am
indianapolis denver, seattle and the giants. stay with wjz 13,maryland's news station. complete news and first warning weather today at noon. as always updates available at any time from injury at 2.
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